Solar Shade Fabric for Home and Office

When setting up a shade fabric for your home and office for shade against the sun, there are specific aspects that you have to put much importance to. At first glance, it may all look the same. You might be wondering why some are more expensive than others. They all look like identical fabrics at first but a closer inspection will make you realize why others are more efficient, making it more costly.

First aspect is thermal protection. The density of the material is a big factor in determining the amount of sunlight that it can block. When the material is thicker, it can block more heat that is generated by the sun. Typically, efficient fabric can reduce the sun's thermal heat up to 90%. Even the color plays an important role too. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, the color of the fabric will also help in avoiding glare that could be hurtful for the eyes.

Second aspect is UV protection. The level of protection against the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays may vary too. Some have low grade which is only about 2 to 11. Those which have 30 UV protection are good enough. The higher the number gets, the better.

Third aspect is the tightness of weaving. This contributes to the durability of the shade fabric. Usually, this is determined by looking into the openness percentage. Lower percentage means that the weaving is tighter. The ones with 0% is the most durable of all. Yet, this also hinders air to pass through. If the location that you want to cover requires proper air ventilation, pick the ones with weaving that is not done so tightly. The ones with 25% are already considered as very open. This can be ideal for windows because it will provide sufficient shade without hindering the air from entering the room. Beyond 25%, your cloth may be not too durable anymore.

Fourth aspect is the motorization. Even if the window you need to cover is a big one or maybe you want to set up a shade for a huge area, you can still use shade fabric. You simply have to opt for the motorized shade solution to make it easy for you to put it up.

Nothing should stop you from using shade fabric when it comes to blocking the sun. With the modern technology that is incorporated in creating the cloth, you can surely find an affordable yet efficient shade solution for your home or office.