Tips on How to Improve Home and Office Lighting

Good light settings at home or the office offers a number of advantages. It improves the appearance of the place by accentuating different areas; makes places easier to navigate and provides added security especially against burglars and thieves. There are many different kinds of lightings available in the market that would fit your home and office interior design and size. Scones, LED lighting, floor lamps, fluorescent and incandescent lights in many shapes and colors are used to produce good home and office lighting. You can practically buy them in most wholesale supply stores. If you think that your home or office needs lighting improvements, below are some tips to consider.

Home Lighting

Fill with natural light - Nothing illuminates a room better than a natural light during day time. It accentuates the room and radiates a comfortable ambiance. Moreover, it conserves energy consumption. Large mirrors could help catch more sunlight in the room. Hanging glass or crystals near the windows also produces natural light with rainbow effects. Perhaps, what is most effective is to open windows widely to allow sunlight to get in. Avoid using dark shadings or curtains. These retain heat and block the natural light.

Use complementing lights - Remember to balance the light when choosing a lighting fixture or accent for your home. The interior should be in harmony with the color of the lights. Search for good color combinations before you purchase. For instance, use of frost LED or incandescent bulbs as uplighters provides better illumination to areas where light is insufficient such as the top of cupboards or bedside.

Office Lighting

Locate your cubicle near the window - As mentioned, natural light gives better illumination in any space and room. You can have your workstation replete with better lighting if you place it near the windows. However, to avoid glaring on your computer, subdue sunlight by using blinds or other window coverings.

Place lamps on your cubicle - Having a direct overhead light on your terminal could cause you more harm than good. It causes shadows which results to glaring on your screen or poor visualization of your work. If possible, remove the lighting and place it somewhere at the side walls or ceiling while directly lighting your station. You can also place a table lamp on your cubicle or place a floor lamp in between cubicles. The table lamp is advisable if your desk is positioned away from the others. However, if you are working on a bay, the floor lamp provides better illumination and covers more space.

Good home and office lighting gives better visualization on the area and the tasks that you do. Lighting also gives an illusion of space and creates better ambiance. So next time you are planning to do some lighting improvements, the tips above will prove to be useful.

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